PGK Consulting

PGK Consulting

In PGK we commit ourselves to offering a wide range of professional services of the highest standards,using the best work methodology and developing staff training on a regular basis.

We have organised multi-task work teams in different areas in the company according to our clients’ needs. We assure coordination between areas and specialisations involved so as to make our tasks really effective.

This flexible structure helps our clients to reach an integral solution to their particular needs.

Tax &Legal

  • Tax planning
  • Tax determination
  • Integrated tax services
  • Litigation and dispute consulting services
  • Scoreboard
  • Tax inspections
  • Tax Audit
  • Local individual tax-payer and expats

International Tax

  • Transfer Pricing
  • International Tax
  • International post-acquisitions and restructuring
  • Shared services implementation advisory
  • Financial structuring advice- Cash flow
  • International treaties to avoid double taxation

Audit, Control and Processes

  • External Audit
  • Sindicatura 
  • Internal Audit
  • Analysis and re definition of processes
  • Internal control and fraud.
  • Policies and procedures

Due Diligence and re-structuring

  • Transaction due diligence
  • Mergers, Divisions and Acquisitions
  • Business opportunities
  • Deal making process advisory
  • Transition management


  • We offer our clients:
  • Outsourcing administrative, tax, financial, accounting, work relationships tasks.
  • Supplier payment and control
  • Database update
  • Temporary staff in any area
  • Loans and collecting


  • We offer these services:
  • Diagnosis and designs of processes, systems and structures
  • Investment project assessment
  • Analysis of capital and funding costs
  • Business appraisals and business units
  • Budget making and revision

Payroll Services

  • These are our services:
  • Settlement of salaries and wages, payroll receipts and their entry in the payroll ledger
  • Analysis and settlement of Income Tax 4th Category
  • Income Tax forms and union tickets
  • Inspections and requirements
  • Pro-active work and retirement assessment
  • Registration of new employees and leavers
  • Tailor-made reports and bookings
  • Revision of tax determinations ,affidavits and monthly/annual audit.

Other Services

  • Job searches
  • Customs and Foreign Trade advisory
  • Scoreboard and BS
  • Risk Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Short, medium and long term strategies
  • Collection services