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PGK Consulting. A Global Network of Professionals.

A member of TGS Global Network – a growing network specialised in
Accounting, Audit, Tax, Legal and Business Advisory

Tax &Legal

Business in any company involves making decisions,  which will eventually have an impact on your tax determinations.  We focus on advising our clients on how to seize opportunities so that they can achieve their  best.

International Tax

Multinationals are faced with global issues that require advice on cross-border tax matters.

Audit, Control and Processes

Through a comprehensive analysis of business, we help our clients to assure the truth of financial information and mitigate corporative risks.

Due Diligence and re-structuring

Dynamic Business leads our clients to make decisions related to business acquisitions and company re-structuring.  We have wide experience and insight to offer our clients the best advice so as to optimise these operations.


We offer our clients the service of outsourcing tasks in Accounting, Tax and Business Administration.


We help our clients through our experience and expertise on financial matters how to effectively manage risk and create value.

Payroll Services

Our integrated payroll solution ensures security and confidentiality so that the access is limited to the right people.  Payroll oustourcing offers benefits such as: 

  • Time-saving/Productivity
  • Enhanced payroll processing security
  • Reduced costs
  • Team of experts advisory
  • Update information on laws and regulations

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Our Clients

Our list of clients includes top companies of different industries and also a number of important PYMES (small and medium companies)